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Junction 32

Author: Linda
Junction 32

Visual Merchandising plays an important part in all retailers’ sales and marketing strategy, so when creating a unique environment to showcase and display items, the visual style and ambience has to be right.

Located just off the M62, the popular outlet shopping centre in West Yorkshire is home to renowned retail brands such as M&S, Next, Gap and Barbour. Their objective was to create a distinctive display for a variety of fashion stores located in the shopping area, that would be seen by customers as they entered the complex.

Using a red carpet theme and with the imaginative use of bespoke mannequins, the team at Junction 32 were able to create an inspirational and stylish viewing platform to encourage brand awareness and make a visible difference.

With over three millions visitors to Junction 32 each year, the aim was to design something that was eye-catching and on-trend, that would be recognised as a work of art that customers could engage with.

Visual Merchandiser have a team of specialists who work closely with our customers building lasting relationships. Our range of contemporary mannequins can help bring your store or display to life. Contact our Sales team for further information.

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