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Visual Merchandiser: Inspirational Designs to Suit Everyone

Author: Caroline
Visual Merchandiser: Inspirational Designs to Suit Everyone

Here at Visual Merchandiser we specialise in creating inspirational designs, in order to maximise sales and make a store stand out.

Here is an example of one of our more simplistic levels of design, for people who are working on a budget. The design was made for a gift shop, keeping things simple by using tiered furniture to utilise space.

The tiered furniture not only saves space and allows for more products to be on the shop floor, but also creates a focus point for customers, immediately attracting them to the shelving. This is a low cost option which is very effective at maximising sales, due to it immediately catching the eye.

There is also a gondola positioned at the entrance of the store to encourage customers to flow around the shop, another cost effective design as it encourages customers to not only spend more time in the store but also look at more products, again maximising the chance of sales.

As well as spending a lot of time designing the shop floor we also add extra details to make our designs perfect. These details can be anything from canvases on the walls to add personality and character to the store or lockable display cabinets for added security.

Whatever the scenario, Visual Merchandiser has an idea for everything.

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