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Debenhams Re-vamp Set to Wow the Crowds

Author: Caroline
Debenhams Re-vamp Set to Wow the Crowds

Debenhams flag ship store on Oxford Street, London, is under-going a £25 million revamp in order to attract new customers, both local and from oversees.

Debenhams was originally established in 1778, when it was then called Flint and Clark. Since then it has grown and grown as a company, now having 154 stores in the UK, 11 in Ireland and a further six in Denmark, under the name of Magasin.

Debenhams has continuously attracted customers and sustained a loyal following over the years due to its mass range of products, its well respected name and its designer clothing. However, the British department store are currently focusing on the visual side of the shop with five stores across the UK already being modernised in 2013, with an additional seven being re-furbished before the peak season.

The Oxford Street store, whose exterior hadn’t been altered in 41 years, was well over due a makeover in order to make it stand out and compete with some of the extravagant exteriors and visual merchandising of other nearby buildings.

The proposed design is guaranteed to make the store stand out by using aluminium panels which will look like they are rippling in the wind. This effect was designed by artist and sculptor Ned Khan, who uses natural phenomena such as wind, water and fire for inspiration. The building will also boast two glass columns on the corners of the buildings, an atrium with balconies and new window displays on the dark Marylebone Lane side of the building.

The building will be the first of its kind in Britain, which in itself will attracts tourist to the store. Michael Sharp, chief executive of Debenhams, added: “Our vision is to create a branded environment that redefines Debenhams in the Oxford Street store and beyond. We are creating a vibrant and relevant concept for the future.

“Once completed Oxford Street will be a true flagship store. It will showcase the best of everything Debenhams has to offer and it will set the standard in the UK, and become a beacon for international expansion with a new façade that transforms the look of the store.”

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