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Mumbai Plans To Ban Lingerie Manequins As Part of An Anti-Rape Measure

Author: Yarun
Mumbai Plans To Ban Lingerie Manequins As Part of An Anti-Rape Measure

The Brihanmumbai Principal Corporation which oversees civic services in Mumbai has made plans to ban mannequins used to display lingerie and skimpy clothing within the city. The corporation claims that the mannequins incite men to carry out sex crimes.

Ritu Tawade, who works for the corporation and raised the issue earlier in April, claims the lingerie covered mannequins affect the mind-set of men and that this has led to the pollution of the minds of today’s generation. Ritu claims it is also important to think how women who stand in front of the mannequins feel as it can make many feel uncomfortable and degrade women. Ritu claims that two-piece clothes that barely cover the body are the biggest concern and could provoke men to attack women. Ritu claims that mannequins represent a real women’s body and are not part of Indian culture.

Several protesters have expressed concerns that the corporation should be concentrating on more pressing issues such as the poor quality of water and electric supplies. In India, women’s safety is currently in the spotlight after the recent rape of a female medical student in Delhi on a moving bus. However, in comparison, Mumbai as a city is regarded as one of the safest cities for women in India to live.

The ban could have negative effects on local businesses such as Lovable Lingerie which is listed in Forbes Asia’s 200 best under a billion companies. The ban could also have detrimental effects on thousands of smaller local businesses who use mannequins to advertise their lingerie products outside stores. Local business owners have ridiculed the move, claiming mannequins have no effect on women’s safety and have argued that the corporation shouldn’t be telling them how to run their businesses. Business owners have claimed that if there are concerns about displaying the clothing on mannequins then the corporation should instead address the issue of those who wear the clothing opposed to the mannequins which display the lingerie. Viren Shah President of the Federation of Retail Traders has said that there are much more worrying issues of exposure to indecent imagery such as online pornography.

Although the resolution was passed last month by the corporation, the municipal commissioner has not yet given the required approval for the resolution to come into action. Should the resolution be passed, this would prohibit shop owners from displaying the mannequins outside shops however they would still be allowed to display them within in-store displays.

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