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What We Offer to Fashion Retailers

A Look At Our Innovative Design Services

Over the past year here at Visual Merchandiser we are proud to have delivered top class design services, for numerous well-known clients. Our current, innovative and fresh style of work has allowed us to branch out, making more and more people aware of our services. Our work style separates us from other visual merchandising companies due to us pushing the boundaries and daring to break the rules in order to come up with designs that are unique and eye catching.

When creating our designs we use two tiers of design work; the old fashioned traditional way of 2D freehand sketches, as well as the modern alternative; 3D CAD visualisations, using a range of software.

The benefits of using freehand to draw up initial designs are that this allows us to quickly and efficiently capture the idea of the scheme that the client wants to create, at a low cost. We are then able to modify it until the client is happy, using as little of their time as possible and ultimately saving the time it takes to create the design in the long run, as we don’t need to spend as much time in the studio. We then progress the freehand design to 3D visualisation where CAD, Computer Aided Design, is used to finalise the idea, as it improves the quality of the design and reduces human error. The software also allows the designer to visualise the final plan much clearer, giving them a better idea of how to edit the design to make it perfect for the client. We are usually able to present the client with a sketch of the proposed design within 24 hours of an enquiry.

We are also a diverse company in the sense that we offer a range of services, such as window schemes, in-store schemes, fixtures and branding. Retailers, museums and shopping centres have all used our services, with us recently creating designs for house-hold names such as Dixon and High & Mighty. These well-known companies, as well of the rest of our clients, have all been briefed to different requirements, with these necessities then being successfully fulfilled.

With our extensive knowledge of visual display equipment we are able to design with budget in mind, which often results in us getting the design right first time, with the majority of our clients then asking us to progress with the supplying and installing of the scheme equipment.

Get in touch now for your competitively priced all round design service. We look forward to hearing from you.

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