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‘Cool’ Christmas Jumpers

Author: Linda
‘Cool’ Christmas Jumpers

Love them or loathe them,  the Christmas jumper has become very popular. Whether embroidered with reindeer,  snowflakes, or a cheerful Father Christmas and knitted from variety of garish woollen hues, they have become not just acceptable, but cool – the gaudier the better.

Fashionable chains like Urban Outfitters and Topshop stock entire ranges of sweaters gaily adorned with holly, fir trees and so on.

For most people in the UK, the impact of the Christmas jumper first registered back in 2001 when Bridget Jones was introduced to her suitor, Colin Firth’s Mark Darcy, as he wore a roll-neck affair adorned with a giant reindeer’s head.

High-end designers have got in on the act, too. Ralph Lauren sells a snowflake patterned shawl collared knit for a mere £430.00!

And, now in it’s fifth year, ITV’s fundraiser, Text Santa, in colaboration with Save the Children, is encouraging everyone to wear their Christmas jumper (the tackier the better) this Friday the 18th December and donate at the same time. Hundreds of schools and businesses across the country will be taking part.

On Friday evening, ITV will be broadcasting a star-studded fundraising gala with charity appeals, comedy sketches and more.

So, whatever your style, the Christmas jumper is now as traditional as the Brussell sprout and should be worn proudly.

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