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Genderless Fashion

Author: Linda
Genderless Fashion

Whether you call it ‘Agender’, ‘Unisex’ or ‘Gender Neutral’ the latest trend to be sweeping the high street retailers is ‘fashion without definition’.

For decades now women’s fashion has influenced men’s fashion and vice versa, so for many retailers and shoppers alike, it has come as no big surprise that retailers such as Gap and Jack Wills have seen success selling clothes that suit both male and female.

The difference now is that women and men won’t have to trudge to a different department to find what they are looking for.

Earlier in the year, Selfridges opened three floors of Agender fashion at its flagship Oxford Street store. Keeping the design environment completely neutral, the experimental pop-up looked to remove the ‘his’ and ‘hers’ separation and bring a new concept of shopping without classification and gender orientation.

There are of course challenges when trying to bring this new trend in to the mainstream, with sizing being the biggest issue. How will designers and retailers manage to communicate size to their customers; will a size 8-10 be a small or a medium?

We’re not sure what the answer is, but we think that the days of every retailer becoming genderless is probably still a long way off.  For now there is still a place for a women’s department with elegant evening dresses and beauty accessories and a safe haven for men to stroll around on their own browsing the latest grooming products!

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