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The Demand for Charity Shop Visual Merchandising

Author: Caroline
The Demand for Charity Shop Visual Merchandising

The demand for Charity Shop Visual Merchandising


As the retail economy continues to struggle, there are a collection of shops that are flourishing through default.  Charity shops seem to be everywhere now, some even in the space that was once occupied by leading high street retailers in the centre of town.  As people’s disposable cash deteriorates with the rising cost of living, charity shops are bucking the trend.  The snobbery once connected with shopping in a charity shop has been truly removed and it only takes one visit to realise that the quality of goods is high and worth buying.  So is there a need for Charity shops to adhere to the same visual merchandising expectations?


Where customers now descend on this new way of shopping they still expect good product presentation and space to roam and dwell freely without being bumped by another Customer heading to ‘Bric-a-brac’. are fortunate enough to work with two charity retailers, the first with a new visual appointment in their head office, gradually increasing uniformity to their stores and the other, a more adventurous team who are quite ready to test the boundaries.


Following a recent project working alongside the charity retailer we found that the usual visual standards were well received, particularly by the customer.  The only restriction is the single units of stock; this is merely a hurdle to overcome as what presents itself as a mini department store that can gather its own identity with clear department definition and improved product presentation.


It is definitely true, that with a little patience you can find a gem in charity shops, we will find that this year will show that particular charity shops begin to make it easier for us.  They will layer garments so outfit buying is simple and also brands and key stock is highlighted and easier to find.  The rise of the charity shops has begun and will soon challenge the main stream for that premium space.

To find out more about the projects working with Charity retailers, visit

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