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Window Schemes

Author: Caroline
Window Schemes

The Hidden Truth of Window Schemes


How do we know that our window schemes are working? To answer this question we first have to identify the aim of window schemes and what our potential targets look for to ultimately encourage them to walk into the store.

The appeal of window displays target two areas, firstly those who have not shopped in the store before.  In this case we want to catch their eye, usually through excitement or animation, through the use of colour and materials used within the window scheme.  It needs to show the confidence of the retailer as they are showing what is in demand or even better what will be in demand.  It is all about impact, demonstrating a clear difference to that of their neighbouring retailers and it is often seen where money invested in window schemes results in an increased amount of new customers.  The window represents what can be found inside and invites new customers to experience more.

Secondly, returning customers.  As time and money are in short supply we are finding that customers would rather return to a retailer as they know what the brand has to offer in terms of product range and price.  They no longer have time to try something new and search for something they already know they want.  In this case we are required to keep the window fresh and hone in on the regular customer, making them feel at ease with subtle suggestions of what to buy or wear to add to their existing collection.  Displaying a host of related items will encourage add on sales whilst still being conscious of what’s current.

For the best results, refrain from making the window stock heavy and carefully select products and schemes for impact or encouragement (depending on who you decide to be your target).  There are only a few retailers out there that can combine the two effectively and often you see Department stores producing both in different windows as space permits.  The window fixtures should be muted colours enabling the stock to take the lime light.  Use Matt finishes for shiny, reflective product such as crockery, glossy shoes and accessories, whilst using glossy finishes gives flat product, such as Jeans a glowing base to present on.  Consider the use of acrylics to reflect light and create transparency and don’t be afraid to use soft materials to create shapes and waves throughout the scheme.  Finally ‘accessorise’ with Props where there are solid backdrops to create the theatre topped with a well photographed lifestyle picture.  This is essentially the building of any effective window scheme but don’t forget who your target is, it can make all the difference.

To prove the window design, place your chosen product at the forefront of the scheme and ensure it is repeated as the first thing customers see when they enter the store and again at any natural junction (such as stairs, till point, changing room) dressed on a mannequin or specific piece of furniture.  By putting the focus on one particular product, sales will inevitably increase.

If you are after inspiration, design, manufacture and installation of window displays contact Visual Merchandiser on 0844 800 9305

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