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Visual Merchandiser Works With British Heart Foundation

Visual Merchandiser and British Heart Foundation Doncaster

In light of the economic downturn in the UK, Charity shops are thriving.  British Heart Foundation have been innovative in exploring the opportunities of driving more footfall into their store and allowing them to dwell longer.  Enter the team from Visual Merchandiser and we were quickly on our way to a highly commercial solution.  Visual Merchandiser was invited to overhaul 2 stores in Doncaster with our ideas and inspiration.  Completed over 2 night shifts with the team from BHF the changes were remarkable, sparking many heated discussions in terms of what was to be rolled out going forwards.  Visual Merchandiser pushed the boundaries to some extent but also kept our commercial head on so that the proposed changes made commercial sense, putting the customer first.  We introduced new window schemes, layouts, dressing and layering of product, new fixtures and gave both stores the opening day look that we all want to maintain.  If you are intrigued as to what Visual Merchandiser can do for your store then get in touch now!

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